Assembling the bed Bella

★Complete image★

This is the finished image of the bed frame Bella!

STEP1 Assemble each part

Assemble the headboard, footboards, side frames and central frame.

①Headboard (attach metal fittings to assemble side frames and central framework parts)

②Footboard (Attach feet and metal fittings to assemble the central frame)

③Side frame (Attach the floorboard members and metal fittings to assemble each part)

④central framework

STEP2 assemble the drawer

First, assemble the frame on three sides, insert the bottom plate into the groove, and attach the rest of the frame.
Next, attach the drawer fronts and caster feet.

STEP3 combine each part

After assembling each part, fix the headboard, footboard, and central frame, and then fix the side frame.
* Install the thin side frame parts on the side you want to use as a drawer.

Assembly point

The point is to put the metal fittings of the side parts on the drawer side a little lower!

The part protruding below becomes the drawer stopper.


Attach the floorboards and drawers and you're done!